6 thoughts on “Trappist Punks Swag

  1. White and Brown? Come on McD, I've seen you come up with much more avant-garde haute couture…

  2. Uh — so, how do we order these? Tried links and didn't work…Great Christmas presents…lol…shop early, shop often!!!

  3. You should be able to click right on the link and pick your size and then add it to the cart. Please let me know if you are still having problems.

  4. I was hoping there was a way to put a screenshot in the comment but I can't figure it out, so I'll have to give the brail version…

    If you click on the pic of the shirt in the blog post it will take you to zazzle.com, on a page with a pic of the shirt (being worn by some creapy guy with a goatee…this is neither myself nor Mike) and to the right it will say Basic Dark T-Shirt. Below that there's an area where you can select size, below that there's an area where you can enter a quantity and it has a price to the right of that, and there should be an Add to Cart button next to that. If you don't see the button, try adjusting your browser settings to make sure you are automatically loading pictures. Also if you contact one of us directly through the links on the blog page to email us we can help you further.

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