About Us

About the name

The Trappist Monks live a modest life of work, prayer,and study. Each monastery is self-supporting and engages in great charitable efforts, most often through the production and sale of a variety of goods, from cheese and bread to clothing and coffins, and always of the highest quality. The monks are not prohibited from the consumption of alcohol; indeed ale was often a staple of their diets, and was the only thing to sustain them through the 40 days of fasting they observed between Ash Wednesday and Easter. To this day, seven monasteries throughout Belgium and the Netherlands are known for producing what is among the finest ale in the world, which was once available only to the monks themselves or the communities surrounding the monasteries. The work of intrepid beer explorers (far grander than us) has brought these fine ales to the entire world today.

The Trappist Punks take our name in the tradition of these fine men in honor of their dedication to the crafting and consumption of the finest beer. As for the modest lives…they can keep all that…hence the “Punks” part. Cheers!

About Hoags

Christopher Hogan

Chris Hogan is a Boston-area Software Engineer. He’s been a craft beer enthusiast and home brewer for nearly a decade. Legend has it he enjoys the company of yeast equally to the company of people and keeps brewing experiments around the house like potted plants. He strives to enjoy the finer things in life, and bring those around him along for the ride. Email Hoags

About Mike

Michael McDonough is an economist living in New York who has also spent time living in Asia. Michael has traveled extensively over the past decade trying beers in dozens of countries in North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.  Michael enjoys talking about the social aspects of beer based on his global perspective. Email Mike